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81.53% | 581 votes › define › term=landing strip. he licked my tummy all the way down to my landing strip, and then ate my (​female): he:"Did she have a landing strip, triangle, Brazilian or was she just unkept?

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By Zur - 11:46
According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, a runway is a "defined rectangular area on a land aerodrome prepared for the landing and takeoff of aircraft". Runways may be a man-made surface or a natural surface.
By Yoramar - 05:48
Here, experts explain everything you've ever wanted to know about the landing strip, aka a strip of pubic hair left on your mons pubis after.
By Nishakar - 20:07
NounEdit · landing strip (plural landing strips). (aviation) A runway for aircraft, especially one which is auxiliary or temporary. quotations ▽. , Rosalind Ryan.
By Nijinn - 17:57
Landing strip definition: a long flat area of ground that is used by aircraft with wings when taking off and landing. Learn more.

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